OpalXMLEditor: Documentation



  • Function for opal xml files, like toolbar's buttons


  • Axes visible, XZ Plane visible - enable/disable axes or XZ plane
  • Mode : solid, Mode : wireframe - Switch between solid and wireframe mode for the whole scene
  • Camera front, Camera back, Camera top, Camera bottom, Camera left, Camera right - Simple axes along cameras
  • Camera 3rd person - 3rd person camera
  • Camera 3D trackball - Trackball camera

    Windows - for future use

  • Show graph tree window... - show graph files window


  • - Create new file
  • - Open file
  • - Save file
  • - Save file with a new name


They do what is written on them ;) If there is shape selected in the solid/shape (upper) tree, remove solid button removes parent solid of the shape, and all its shapes, of course ;).

Pop menus

There are pop-menus in all trees

  • Remove - remove selected object
  • Edit... - edit selected object
  • Look at - move camera to look at the selected object, FUTURE


  • r - reset camera to initial position
  • w, s - move camera forward and backward
  • a, d - move camera left and right
  • up, down, left, right - move camera up, down, left and right

Camera usage

  • LMouse - for 3rd person and trackball camera "rolling" mode, for simple like RMouse
  • RMouse - moving camera along the view plane (up, down, left and right)
  • MMouse - moving camera backward and forward