OpalXMLEditor: Download


OpalXMLEditor uses GTK gui system. Windows users can download runtime or devel distribution from here. Linux users have it probably instaled.

For future the loading of 3ds files, there is connection to lib3ds library. You can download it here or from the author's page

Distribution" Archive contains source and binary version for windows. Compiled by MinGW on WinXP system (gtk-win32-devel-2.8.10-rc1)


To compile the source you need only change 3 variables in the project: GTK_PATH, OPAL_PATH and LIB3DS_PATH

I haven't got any Linux instaled at home, but I hope that the code is fully movable. The only problem, I can think about is "version.rc" which is used for versioning in win., but it can be simply removed from the project

There are some warnings during compilation, but you can ignore it

Known bugs: I don't know why, but my singleton class doesn't like optimization so don't check the option "ON" in the project.