• OpalXMLEditor is simply editor for Opal's XML files. It offers tree/list visualization of file content and graphic visualization of physical entity


  • Loading and saving opal's xml files (at the moment, full implementation only for solids and shapes )
  • Addition, removal and edition of solids
  • Addition, removal and edition of shapes. In case of plane only xz visualization
  • Addition and removal of joints
  • Graphic visualization of solids and shapes

Future plans

  • Edition of joints
  • Full visualization of plane shape
  • Addition, removal and edition of motors
  • Addition, removal and edition of sensors
  • Visualization of joints, motors and sensors
  • Copying of entities with in-flight shape change
  • Edition transformation through matrix, axis or quaternion
  • Automatic generation of serial entities e.g. buildings along the street
  • Loading graphic 3D models
  • Semi and full automatic generation of physical entity from 3D model
  • etc...